振袖フルセット 正絹 着物 百花繚乱 7日間レンタル 小物まですべて揃う20点一式 成人式、結婚式、結納にどうぞ!(株)安田屋 s478575066振袖フルセット 正絹 着物 百花繚乱 7日間レンタル 小物まですべて揃う20点一式 成人式、結婚式、結納にどうぞ!(株)安田屋 s478575066



ZX-9 R Ninja [ZX900E (F)] 00-04
ZX-9 R Ninja [ZX900E (E)] 00-04
ZX-9 R Ninja [ZX900C (D)] 98-99
ZX-9 R Ninja [ZX900C (C)] 98-99
Z1000 [ZRT00F (G)] 14-
Z1000 [ZRT00F (F)] 14-
Z1000 [ZRT00D (E)] 10-13
Z1000 [ZRT00D (D)] 10-13
Z1000 [ZRT00B (C)] 07-09
Z1000 [ZRT00B (B)] 07-09
Z 1000 SX [ZXT00L(LA)] 14-
Z 1000 SX [ZXT00G(H)] 11-13
Z 1000 [ZRT00A] 03-06

TRW Clutch Disc Set

TRW/Lucas Clutch Discs feature excellent precision fit.

TRW/Lucas uses different mixtures in the manufacture its clutch discs according to the friction ratings of the OEM components.
The majority of the materials used are“Made in Germany".
The clutch discs are supplied as sets without intermediate plates.
Notes:Before installing these components,take note of the correct sequence of the discs.
Before you change the clutch discs,you should check that the springs and intermediate plates are still in perfect condition,and that the clutch body is not showing signs of wear.
Some synthetic oils increase the risk of clutch slip
Clutch discs should be immersed overnight in engine oil prior to installation. Only use motorcycle engine oil.
When you change your clutch discs,we recommend that you check the colour and condition of your old steel intermediate plates and preferably replace them.

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